Deb Deb's Rub Rub began in December of 2008 after a mountain biking accident left Debi with a full arm cast. For several months, Debi had to find creative ways to cook with one usable arm so she ordered spices from all over the world and started placing them in cute little jars as a Christmas gift idea. The gift soon became a brand. Towards the end of 2009, Debi had quit her cushy marketing career at a Fortune 500 company and pursued the food business with her then-fiancé full time and worked round the clock to debut the four unique products at the 2010 San Francisco Fancy Food Show. With the help of so many good friends, D2R2's semi-success led them to grace eye-level shelves in supermarkets all over the United States and even in Canada. 

We've had a handful of very trusted, distinguished palettes tell us how incredibly simple and delicious the new Moo Rub is and how we really should consider doing this whole rub rub thing again. So here we are.


We want our customers to know that when they support a brand—our brand, they are supporting more than just their cooking habits or someone's basic human desire to matter (like ours!). They are supporting the causes that a particular brand stands for.


At D2R2, we are passionate about giving back. We believe that business ought to be a space where everyone helps one another to succeed. When you buy one of our rub bags, whether you care or not, you are helping to end modern-day slavery + sex trafficking for a better tomorrow. Learn more about our freedom partners at the Internation Justice Mission.