I started Deb Deb's Rub Rub in December of 2008 after my broken arm left me finding creative ways to cook. I ordered spices from all over the world and started placing them in cute little jars as a Christmas gift idea. The gift soon became a brand. Towards the end of 2009, I had quit my kooshy full-time marketing career  at a Fortune 500 company and pursued the food business with my then-fiance and worked really hard round the clock to debut our four products at the 2010 San Francisco Fancy Food Show. Our semi-success there led us to grace eye-level shelves in supermarkets all over the United State and even in Canada. But as life has a way to turn your world upside down, things came crashing down soon after when my fiance became ill. 

Fast forward a decade later, I have mostly healed from the traumatic experiences of that year and everything that came spiraling down afterward. This is D2R2's revival. I've had a handful of very trusted distinguished palettes tell me how incredibly simple and delicious the new Moo Rub is and how I really should consider doing this whole food thing again. Our rubs helped many busy folks create amazing meals a decade ago and I believe with everything I have learned with food over the past ten years, it will do just the same...only better. 


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